Friday, April 4, 2014

Rustic Christmas Table Decorations 2013 Ideas from HGTV

Bring a rustic yet elegant look to any holiday table with wool, knits, fresh greens and tons of woodsy texture.

By : Marian Parsons

Think Beyond the Linen Closet

Fold a vintage wool blanket and use it as a runner. It sets the color scheme and softens the warm wood of the table.

Bring Texture to the Table

A woven placemat adds rich color and texture to each setting. Remember to have an open mind when shopping: These mats were meant to be used on an Asian-style table, but they are right at home in a rustic theme. 

Mix and Match

Vintage Bakelite flatware from slightly mismatched sets looks perfect side by side. Don’t be afraid to mix and match silverware, plates and glasses. It often looks more interesting than using pieces that are made to be a set. 

Ditch the Paper Plates

Treat your guests to the luxury of using different plates and bowls for each course. Serve soup in simple wooden bowls, follow with a salad on a delicate ironstone plate and finish with dinner on a square wooden plate. A crystal goblet adds a touch of elegance, but the wheat pattern ties in to the natural theme.

The Season of Giving

A soup bowl doubles as a place card holder and carries an ornament for each guest to take home as a gift.

Tag It

A bundle of fresh cinnamon sticks is wrapped and tied in hemp twine. Write guests' names with permanent marker on a shipping tag and tie to a cinnamon bundle to assign seats. Arrange guests in a way that will encourage conversation and new friendships

Forget the Florist

Trim evergreen branches from your yard or an obliging neighbor's tree to serve as a centerpiece. Place fresh boughs in a galvanized bucket and swag a wooden bead garland around the greens. Use leftover Christmas tree clippings to fill in the base of the tablescape. 

It’s All in the Details

Embellish a simple galvanized sap bucket with humble hemp twine and an inexpensive snowflake ornament. Wrap twine several times around the top of bucket, then tie together and create a loop to thread snowflake on. Tie one more knot to secure the snowflake. 

Layer Upon Layer

Fluffy white snowflakes, knit "sweater" ornaments, twine-wrapped candles, fresh greens, pinecones and a stack of old books bring visual and textural interest to this centerpiece. Be careful where candles are positioned in relation to fresh greenery, and never leave candles unattended.

Keep it Natural

Egg-shaped fresh cranberries provide an unexpected pop of color against a craft store bird’s nest. Shop the farmers' market, garden center and the great outdoors to find accessories for this rustic table setting. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to Make Glitter Christmas Tree Decorations 2013 Ideas from HGTV

Add some extra sparkle to your holiday decorations by creating these miniature Christmas trees.

Glistening Details

These holiday decorations couldn't be easier to make. Styrofoam cones that can be found at any craft store are covered in glitter then a pretty snowflake ornament is added to the top. 

Tools and Materials

Foam cones in various sizes, spray adhesive, glitter, snowflake ornaments and hot glue

Glitter It

Spray foam cone with spray adhesive then sprinkle glitter all over the cone and shake off the excess. Repeat if necessary. 

Top It Off

Use hot glue to attach glittered snowflake ornament. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Modern Home Style 2013 Decorating Ideas : House Tours from BHG

California Cool
This Southern California homeowner created a design that's a liberation of color with plenty of space to breathe. The feel of the corner is removed by painting a section of wall vibrant orange, giving the illusion of greater space while also defining a nook without expensive architecture.

Magic Tricks
Paint floating shelves the same hue as your wall, then accessorize with accents in contrasting colors. For example, white shelves on a white wall nearly disappear and allow these colorful accessories to shine.

Bright Spots
Inspired by the '50s, this living area sets a white couch against the white living room wall as the canvas perfect for pops of color in pillows. Pillows are affordable and easy to re cover, so don't be afraid to mix it up and sport bright colors on throw pillows.

Twice as Nice
A combination living/dining room allows for an open feel. A mirror placed on the bold stripe on the wall further opens the room.

Strategic Stripe
Ending a stripe on the wall where the dining room ends instills a sense of definition between the two rooms.

Thoughtful Accessorizing
The timelessness of this late '60s buffet builds a foundation for eclectic accents. Layering white accessories against a white background reflects a design without clutter mantra.

Screen Saver
Here, a circle motif decorative screen separates the living area from the entryway. See through elements add architectural division without heavy construction or blocked views.

New Heights
The headboard is created from two closet doors mounted to the wall behind the bed, giving the room the illusion of greater height. A latte color stripe compliments the headboard and the wooden shelf.

Subdued Hues
The master bedroom has a mature, masculine look that departs from hot hues found elsewhere in the home. Using rich chocolate tones and muted blues creates sophistication. This mid century reading chair was just over $100 and gives a plain wall artistic flair thanks to its strong shape.

Block It Out
Throughout the condo, painted blocks of color in strategic places highlight groupings and collections. Here, an espresso brown is a rich backdrop for white accessories.

Monday, March 31, 2014

2013 Modern Neutral Living Rooms Decorating Ideas

Modern living room style is all about minimalism and neutrality. Clean lines and simple color schemes are the order of the day for a modern living room. The base colors of the room should all remain neutral, but you can work a few bold, simple colors into accents and accessories. Angular pieces are also standard to the modern  living room style, but round circular pieces may also be found from time to time. Use a

neutral color palette. Modern living room style is fairly minimalist, even down to the color scheme. A base color scheme should consist of neutral colors, including white, beige, and black. This allows the accessories and furnishings to draw the eye more effectively.

 Keep things light. Modern living rooms typically have a lot of light flowing in. Large windows that allow sunlight to stream in at an angle are best, but sources of artificial light are just as important. Choose lights that give off a bright, blue white glow instead of bulbs with a yellow white glow.

Uplighting with a dimmer can create mood when entertaining. We used a shag rug and black wood veneer wallpaper as a wainscot for a masculine and swanky look for a swingin' single guy in downtown Denver. Photo by Tim Murphy.

This room, though dramatic on the surface, is very simple and cost effective. The walls are painted in wide stripes, which quickly give the room a lot of interest. The furnishings are straight lined, bordering on modern. The textured rug, highly coordinated accessories, glass desk and great chandelier add the finishing touches.

In the grand salon, the ceilings were improved with artful soffits to create soft curves, which are also reflected in the furnishings and rug. The walls were dressed with an unexpected horizontal staggered line tile and wave panel resin material. A beautiful bar was design and built for entertaining. Two conversation areas were laid out in the grand salon. The sofas are a deep chocolate mohair and paired with classic egg chairs and a custom entertainment console dressed with oversized hardware and ostrich leather.Design Tip: Walls don’t have to be painted or papered. Think about tiles, even in a living room.

Earthy tones combine this open space as living room, dining room and kitchen, giving a cozy ambiance.

The ebonized floors and stark white walls provided the perfect backdrop for furnishings in a palette of warm earth tones and various types of wood. The room was divided into two seating areas, with the primary area containing the sofa, chaise and two club chairs surrounding the SPI LINE Blanco Coffee Table whose nickel plated frame...

To enhance the 11-foot ceiling and the flood of natural light from the large windows in the living area, 8-inch oak molding that surrounded all of the windows was removed, as was the ornamental crown and base molding that existed throughout the apartment. SPI opted to divide the living area from the dining area with large cube towe...

The textural elements of the stone fireplace and shaggy rug, along with hints of apple green, keep this modern space from feeling too sterile.

A cozy family room was created by installing a central chandelier to bring down the height of the ceiling. Additionally, the designer added a sleek shelf around the room for the owner to display his own photographs. Custom iron floor lamps, dramatic drapery and woven shades add texture add warmth to the room. Even though.

The way to get maximum impact from an area rug is to use it as the "soul of your room". The color scheme, furniture placement and accessories should all connect back to it.

New and Modern Ideas for Shelves

new ideas for Kid's Rooms

1-Red , White and Blue

A scheme composed of primary colors -- red, blue, and yellow -- is always popular in a child's room. Here they are used in their boldest, truest forms, with red and blue doing a balancing act, while yellow takes the role of accent color.

2- Checkmate

A well-designed room will contain accessories that support the overall color scheme. Notice how this fanciful chess set works with the rest of the room.

3 - Cozy Alcove

This child's bed is set within a dormer off the open bunk space of the second floor. The bed could have been placed farther into the dormer, but it's much more interesting with curtains on two sides and a little space between the mattress and the window
(its base hides ductwork behind the drawers).

4 - Goodnight Moon

Purchasing a crib and mattress can be expensive, but some models are convertible, meaning they can be used as the baby's first real bed rather than go into storage when he outgrows the crib. When making the change, consider redesigning the room with new bedding, furniture, and accessories.

5 - Black and White Modern

This teen room exudes city style with striped walls, Zebra print bedding, and the resident's own pop art. A cheap-chic sitting area, black edged wardrobe mirrors, and button- and domino-decked picture frames add the finishing touch.

6 - Down to Earth Decor

This room has four looks in one. It has been divided into different areas and painted to represent the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. It's a colorful scheme with lots to interest and amuse children.

7 - Desert Caravan

This exotic teen room is decorated with onion dome wardrobe mirrors, tassel-decorated pillows, a slipcovered sofa and hanging votives. Polyester lace curtains, a hand-stenciled carpet and tri-colored wall treatment complete the do-it-yourself scene.

8 - Rosy Posey

Play up a monochromatic, or single-color, theme by using various tints and shades of the same hue.

9 - Got the Blues?

Equal parts of cool blue and warm yellow create a pleasing balance in this room. Introducing a lesser amount of the color pink, with accessories, adds more complexity.